Omni AI

Helping you to prospect Better.

Omni AI is your go to solution for B2B and B2C Lead Generation. Harnessing the power of cutting-edge AI combined with Omni's extensive marketing expertise. Starting at $450/m, immerse yourself in the ease of automated outreach, orchestrated by Omni to seamlessly schedule your sales calls, freeing you to concentrate on what matters most.

*Omni AI is the leading prospecting and conversion tool - this system requires LinkedIn Sales Navigator Core.

Grow Your Business

Get the results that matter!
Hyper-Personalized Messaging
Manage Your Sales Pipeline
Automate outreach to 1500 prospects every month

Automated Outreach

Finally get your business infront of the right eyes. Automatically send up to 90 new messages per day between InMails and Connections!

+35% Response Rates

Mind blowing response from AI based outreach. See the system transform your sales funnel.

+50% acceptance rates

It's all about hyper-personalization. Every prospect receiving a unique "hand" crafted message.

Save Money

Why pay thousands to agencies if all you're missing is the right tool? If you've got time to dedicate to managing responses then this is your golden ticket 🎫.


Our tool is specifically designed for solopreneurs, sales teams and agencies to crush their sales goals without breaking the bank.

AI Driven

You've heard of AI day in and day out - now its finally your turn to leverage this generational advancement to bring your business to new heights!

Simple, transparent pricing

We believe Quality Lead Generation should be accessible to all companies, no matter the size.

Personal Plan

$450 /month (per seat)
Ideal for a one-man show
Hyper-Personalized Messaging
Perfect for Solo-preneur
24/7 Prospecting Support
1 Outreach Account
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Large teams with 10+ users
Hyper-Personalized Messaging
Perfect for Large Teams
24/7 Prospecting Support
+15,000 Prospects Contacted per month
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*All of these solutions are provided as a tool - if you're interested in a done for you solution please book a call!