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Case Study: Advocate Agency Pro

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In the dynamic world of digital marketing, success hinges on building meaningful, high-quality connections. This was the cornerstone of our collaboration with Advocate Agency Pro, led by Lindsay. In just a few weeks, we leveraged LinkedIn Automation to significantly expand their reach and achieve a notable ROI through enhanced lead generation and client engagement.


Lindsay at Advocate Agency Pro aimed to pivot from a broad social media lead generation strategy to a more targeted, direct LinkedIn approach. Despite initial hesitations, the objective was clear: harness the vast potential of LinkedIn to connect with a strategic audience that resonated with their brand identity.


Our targeted strategy for Advocate Agency Pro was multifaceted:

  • Develop Tailored Messaging: Crafting unique, brand-centric message sequences that genuinely reflect Lindsay's vision.
  • Engage Specific Demographics: Identifying and reaching out to an ideal client profile for more relevant and impactful interactions.
  • Personalized Outreach: Ensuring each automated message carried a personal touch, mirroring Lindsay's unique approach and ethos.

Strategy and ExecutionWe took a deep dive into Advocate Agency Pro's business model and Lindsay's vision. Our focus was to make every interaction feel custom-made and personal.

  • Custom Messaging Sequences: We created messages based on our understanding of Lindsay's goals and the firm's ethos, ensuring each conversation was engaging and relevant.
  • Targeted Demographic Engagement: By focusing on specific client profiles, we ensured that our outreach was not just wide-reaching but also highly pertinent.
  • Incorporating a Personal Touch: By weaving Lindsay's voice into our automation, each outreach felt like a direct communication from her, fostering trust and stronger connections.


The campaign's success was evident:

  • Over 15 high-value calls booked in the first five weeks.
  • Several new client engagements, directly fueling the growth of Advocate Agency Pro.
  • A notable engagement rate, with minimal no-shows, underscoring the targeted nature of our approach.


Initially tentative, Lindsay quickly saw the value of LinkedIn Automation in creating meaningful business relationships. Her subsequent referrals within her network were a testament to the effectiveness of our collaboration. Looking ahead, we're excited to further this partnership, continuing to drive impactful results for Advocate Agency Pro.