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Case Study: Straw Hat Media

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In the fast-paced world of digital marketing and lead generation, quality often triumphs over quantity. Our ongoing two-month collaboration with Straw Hat Media, a one-man powerhouse led by James Maxwell, exemplifies this principle. Specializing in Google Ads services for E-com Businesses, Straw Hat Media needed a tailored, quality-first approach to lead generation. That’s precisely what we at Omni provided, yielding positive results that have reinforced the value of our partnership.


Straw Hat Media is an agency focused on helping E-com businesses reach their full potential. Specializing in Google Ads for E-com Businesses, James Maxwell recognized the need for targeted and quality-centric lead generation. With these requirements in mind, James sought the services of Omni to elevate his client engagement and grow his business.


For this ongoing partnership, our goals were specific and attuned to Straw Hat Media's unique business requirements:

  1. Create a hyper-targeted lead generation strategy that complements Straw Hat Media’s focus on Google Ads for E-com Businesses.
  2. Prioritize high-quality leads to match James Maxwell's emphasis on meaningful and relevant client interactions.
  3. Continually assess and adapt our strategies to provide visible ROI during the ongoing collaboration.

Strategy and Execution

We respected the one-man dynamism of Straw Hat Media and tailored our approach accordingly, focusing on quality, relevance, and timeliness:

  • Hyper-Targeted Lead Generation: Utilizing Omni’s database and analytics, we identified E-com Businesses that aligned perfectly with the Google Ads services offered by Straw Hat Media.
  • Emphasis on Quality: Taking cues from James Maxwell’s quality-first approach, we meticulously vetted all potential leads to ensure a high propensity for conversion.
  • Adaptive Strategies: Given the ongoing nature of our collaboration, we put in place mechanisms for quick feedback and adaptation. This allowed us to tweak our strategies in real-time to achieve better outcomes.


Though specific metrics have not been publicly disclosed, James Maxwell has expressed a high level of satisfaction with our services and recommends Omni unequivocally. Achievements to highlight include:

  • An observable increase in quality leads that are highly relevant to Google Ads for E-com Businesses.
  • A commitment from Straw Hat Media to extend our partnership, reflecting their satisfaction and trust in our services.
  • Endorsement from James Maxwell, highlighting the effectiveness of our targeted, quality-first approach.


Our ongoing collaboration with Straw Hat Media serves as a testament to Omni’s commitment to deliver tailor-made, effective solutions, even for one-man operations like James Maxwell’s. We value the trust and positive feedback received from our client and are eager to continue refining our strategies to bring even greater success to Straw Hat Media. With a shared vision for quality and meaningful interactions, the future of our collaboration looks exceedingly bright.