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Case Study: SEO Magic

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Navigating the competitive landscape of digital marketing requires innovative strategies. SEO Magic, a company that specializes in transforming meetings into engaging LinkedIn content, partnered with Omni to drive sales and increase brand awareness. This collaboration aimed to optimize their lead generation process and streamline their outreach efforts.


SEO Magic needed a solution to enhance their sales funnel and automate their lead generation process. Traditional methods of manual outreach on LinkedIn were time-consuming and less effective. By partnering with Omni, SEO Magic sought to leverage cutting-edge software to manage these tasks efficiently, allowing them to focus on developing their product.


Our mission was to design and implement a LinkedIn automation strategy for SEO Magic with the following goals:

  1. Develop a seamless LinkedIn outreach campaign.
  2. Increase awareness and engagement with potential clients.
  3. Automate repetitive tasks to free up time for strategic activities.
  4. Generate high-quality leads and book more meetings.

Strategy and Execution

To achieve these objectives, we executed a series of strategic actions:

Customized Outreach

We created personalized messaging sequences that aligned with SEO Magic’s brand voice. The AI-driven software ensured that each message was tailored to the recipient, enhancing engagement and reducing the risk of being flagged as spam.

Automated Lead Generation

By utilizing Omni's automation capabilities, we streamlined the process of identifying and contacting potential leads. This automation allowed SEO Magic to manage more leads in less time, improving their efficiency.

Continuous Follow-Up

We implemented a system for continuous follow-up with interested prospects who were initially too busy to engage. This ensured that no potential opportunity was missed, keeping SEO Magic top-of-mind for future engagements.


The LinkedIn automation strategy delivered significant results for SEO Magic:

Increased Lead Generation

Since using Omni, SEO Magic has generated approximately 17 new leads, translating to about $18,000 worth of opportunities. This marked a substantial improvement over their previous manual efforts.

Improved Efficiency

The automation of LinkedIn outreach freed up valuable time for the SEO Magic team, allowing them to focus on product development and strategic initiatives.

Enhanced Engagement

The AI-driven personalized messages led to higher response rates and more meaningful interactions. SEO Magic booked a handful of meetings and identified additional opportunities worth about $2,200.

Positive Feedback

Clients expressed interest in SEO Magic’s software but required follow-ups due to busy schedules. This continuous engagement strategy maintained a pipeline of potential opportunities valued at approximately $4,500.

Client Testimonial

Doug, a representative from SEO Magic, highlighted the benefits: “If I were to refer Omni to somebody, I would say how much time do you like spending sifting through LinkedIn for people who may not be active? I really like that it frees up my time and automates something I used to do manually, and it’s much more effective at it in one day than I ever was in a week.”


SEO Magic's partnership with Omni revolutionized their approach to LinkedIn outreach. The automation not only increased their efficiency but also enhanced the quality of their interactions. As SEO Magic continues to leverage Omni’s capabilities, they are well-positioned to achieve sustained growth and success in their digital marketing efforts.